# Blessed Acquaintance ;

I’m blessed to have many friends being there for me, giving me advices, putting smile on my face.

She is Hui Sis, Weihuan. Though we meet like only twice but shes really nice and concerning. Thank you for sharing job info with me & advice me what to do. 路是我选的,我要好好走下去。I really appreciate & will choose the “happier” route.” Thank u sis.

H told me that i was “marked” for a long time already, they are just waiting for chance. Anyway, i really can’t be bother or care how they planned & get rid of me. I still believe in Karma. (Just one fine day🙏)

Chang, your ear & mouth must be feeling lemon all these while right? a big thank you for being there for me 24/7. Always support my decision & gave me strength to carry on. My life will be incomplete without you. Thank you for being there.

I decided and 80% will stay put.

Good 9 ;


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