# Sundate ;

Out with Cs to Pure fitness to collect BA Release 87! (: Happened to see idol Teoh presenting the new release haha. Was a little different than i thought. Whop. Pure fitness is really atas compared with TF! I lost my way in the ladies changing room! lovin the environment (:
Meet up with disaster (: Cafehopping over at Haji Lane! After our awesome lunch, we headed to my favorite secondary school days hangout – Bugis Street! My goodness! Its been years since i last shopped at Bugis street. Miss those times.

Disaster brought me to the escape game! Its really an eye opener! Fun, exciting & interesting detective game! But its really dumb meeting dumber! Both of us trying to unlock the WRONG box for approximately 10mins. Too joke! What the hell are we doing? haha clueless.

Thank you for the catch up date!
& She made this! haha joke of the day? IMG_8511.JPG
Looking forward to the future;
I will strive to take that license for back up (: I know i can do it. #PlanB


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