# Night thoughts ;

I heard & know enough. Lucky, left that mud. It’s really disgusting to stuck in a mud that always under controlled & getting pin-point here and there. One word, suay. But its okay, am living in my own world now. 2 words, bo chup. Chup so much also won’t gain anything better. Very much i’m looking at money. Not much advantage then give peanuts.

Business are cruel. Am not greedy by achieving my own goals. To alot of aimless people out there might think im greedy for all these. But u are wrong. I know where is my value (: If u don’t have goals, then u will never do big or earn the first penny. Hmm, those who tink i’m greedy, think about yourself. U are worse than me cos u are nothing but a dog (: Oh ya, i’m sitting on my comfort chair & watching karma befall u, old bald & bitches. (That day will come) – Ask ur dog team to search my blog leh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
LA LA LA LA LA- sing a happy song! IMG_8647.JPG
Look! I don give a fucking damm! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (:
BYEBYE, fighter steph!


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