#Sundate 、Satdate ;

Well spent weekend!

JB with stampede and love;
Missing out the times hanging with love at JB (: Things are chip chip over there! If malaysia had given me good and damm good impression, i will love it even more. Hmmm. Oh ya! Time spent q-ing over at custom was a disaster! Brr, just hate the busy crowd!

Good food to heal bad waiting time! A Must to eat!! The awesome ba gu tae (oppo KSL), 鲍鱼面 & LUKLUK (;
Sundate with cousins! (:
Everything just worth it by putting a smile on their face (: They often be there for me when my family needs help and care! Thank god for having them & my beloved Cs ; (Hopefully) my tough time is over. I appreciate and love every single of them. I wish and really wish to have good year good times in 2015! Good9!

[Carebear shine]


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