# Festive Symptoms ;

My fave festival is round the corner! Looking forward to Xmas Eve & NY eve (: The feeling of having a new start each year. Embracing with hope & wishing good year ahead.

Things changed ;
One year older, one year wiser & troubled. Can i don’t grow old? Haha. I’m just not being myself. Not the usual steph that fight, but taking it very easy now. Dear god, thank u for making half of my wish came true! I shall see how messy they can be (: My Chair and movie ticket s ready! Remember, what goes around comes around. 花五百日红、Always bear this in mind. I will continue to pray ;

1st, im being self centered now. 2nd, I seriously don care about other ppl’s family issue & etc. Seriously i can’t be bothered and why shld i bother? I know i had changed and being better by going alot tru these harsh experiences. I only care about myself now.

Anyway, emo aside! Hereby wishing everyone happy & awesome christmas in Advance! May santa give us good health good wealth ahead (:


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