# Choosy? I’m not ;

Born not to make myself a priority; Had always putting others infront of me instead. Often envy A’s wife to be a princess, she don’t seem that she need to work & still able to bring parents out to europe for holiday ; Am really envy her cos i know i won’t have such life.

Life being a #workaholic ; I used to be a workaholic but the momentum is not there at all. Probably some others destroyed it ; Afterall, Life is really a #bitch ; Whats my dream? Sweetdreams!

Whats next? 7 words, i don’t know and i don’t care. I can’t choose my path nor i know whats life gonna be like next. I don’t like people planning for me & controlling my footstep. Don’t make use/teach me how to do. Being street smart by experience ; Its an expensive and valuable lesson u can’t buy to attend (: But i’m equipped with these skills.

Ironically, life reflecting the way i hated most ; I can’t rebel my life. Heart feeling unhappy;

Random Question here, why baddy always the last to die?


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