# 30/12/2014 Good bye!

Guess this 2014 was a very very bad year for me & anyone out there 😦

Bad things happened one after another in this harsh world. Feeling pain on the recent disaster ; May 2015 be a good and healthy year for everyone! Best of health & Lucks!

My Journey for 2014;
* Passed my exams ;
* Holiday to Aus & repeated trip Tw ;
* Received limited edition cb ;
* My 1st incoming house ;
* Bring my Parents to BKK 4 holiday ;
* Tattoo-ed Eye liner ;

Can’t think much at this hour ; I’m thankful to the few of you here reading my space, giving me support, encouragement and care during my down times.

Life couldn’t get better without the presence of the following peers, thou I can’t named it all. But specially to Cs, Kaiyuan, Mich, shin, elena, alicia & luis ; I really appreciate the extra miles friendship with you all.

Deep down, I do appreciate many people out there but i just dunno where to start. Anyway, thank you guys!

Resolution 2015;
* Things/Work remained peaceful ;
* Earned More & Alot more $$$ ;
* Kick start a new biz direction ;
* Set up online shopping biz ;
* Pass Bodybalance ;
* A short getaway ;
* Bring my parents for a short getaway
* Find a New hobby with Cs ;
(Should be for now)
Good9 & Happy New Year!
Awesome year, fruitful start!

Love Steph


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