# Life, my life ;

My Limit, the finest line not to cross is don’t break my trust or even try to lie to me ; Once its broken, i think don think theres any ways to salvage or bring back the friendship. Even if miracle happens, sorry, i doubt there is still trust between us.

Don’t cross the line and break the principle. U can call me self centered, childish, ridiculous & whatsoever u wanna name me. But theres always a line not to cross. My bottom line, Trust.

I treasure all my friends as they don’t comeby easy. Seeing each of us grown up, sharing thoughts, being there for one another, teasing each other, tears after tears & never leave each other. It’s true frienship & thats my ufos, ky and my cs. Too many to name but i know who they are deep down. I don’t need a friend that stir shit or by cheating to earn a living. Sorry, whatever u type/said pays a price.


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