# Quick Post – BodyBalance IMT

Inhale to rise, exhale to forward fold `

Sun Salutation – One of my favourite track in Bodybalance. But it is not easy as I thought. Many technique and timing to be work on. But i’m glad I did end the track on time. Woohoo, but on the other hand, shame on my technique. (Phew) I knew I had tried my best.

3 full days of training! Mind and body torturing. Many thoughts of giving up, leaving the studio and that’s it. But have come so far & at last managed to persuade myself to stay on. Feeling thankful to have cs company, having him to wait for me during lunch and after the training. Thank you for preparing snack box for me, giving me tons of encouragement and I strive on till the last lap. I made it and did not throw your face (with a resit) haha!

I will be focusing more on technique before going on to the next step.
Thank you Shin, Michelle & Ky for the encouragement and support;


Am feeling duper stress over workload. I have many thoughts. It’s not about resting or having more time to rest. Is about the workload and stress that I am facing. Feeling fed up.

Signing off,


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