# Lloyds Inn ;

Belated Birthday staycation over at Llyods Inn over the weekend! I went  google around for cool places and was fancinated by ‘the big sky’ room concept at Llyods inn. Managed to book this cool room on dec 🙂 Hoping it will be as good as Studio M! But i was wrong ; Upon checking in, staff told me that i booked Patio room instead of big skyroom. I was really furious by her reply and the doubt that i called in again (for the second time) to swop room type. Really bullshit. First, the location was really bad. Second, the stupid mistake by management. Third, disappointment. I am very particular about customer service and hospitality.

Big skyroom has “an outdoor bath-tub” concept & allows you to stay close with nature. The feeling is as thou as u are staying in a beach resort. That could be the only thing that i liked, a new experience. Probably the 1st and my last visit. Hope Cs had a great weekend eventhough it was a baddd plan. Phew Ciaos!



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