# Our 2nd Carnival ;

A busy saturday but well spend with my love.

I dislike ppl questioning about my personal life. I seriously wonder why outsiders love asking about my relationship etc. Seriously, whats gonna do with u all ah. I rarely talk about my personal life and the only thing i talked about is fitness class & complaining about work.

Now that u guys wanna know ; Not tru me but my blog if u can find.

I have a very good hubby to
-be that often cheer, encourage & “surpie” me. My smart boy working as research engineer, i am proud of him. He is humble, smart & caring. Studying part time masters but remain humble  though im just a diploma holder. I am proud of myself also haha. I worked hard to earn my money & aiming hard to achieve what i want.

All i need is courage, secure & love.

Have not been running since i’hv joined tf. Targeted to finish the 5km at 35mins;  But only managed to finish at 36mins instead. Aiyo 1 min behind. Whats running tru my mind when im running? 1st to achieve my running target. 2nd not to let cs wait for me too long! hahah and of cos i want him to be proud of me haha. Satisfaction!



Till next year! 🙂
Love Steph


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