# Actually nothing ;

Actually there’s nothing to be sad of, but tears just tend to flow. One mood to describe – Wei Qu. Really been wei qu on myself for so long and I think I had made a relatively right decision for myself. No matter what I did, how I do, how I perform, how much pile of shit I faced and handle, how much workload being throw to me is just being not appreciated. In their eyes, i am just a rotten apple. But deep down, I know I am not 🙂 We can’t please everyone in the world. Pat on my shoulder, telling myself, I had tried my best. Good Job Xin Yi !

To him, he felt i have never learn from my mistakes. I’m getting annoyed, frustrated, disappointed in explaining myself over and over again. If u think i have never reflect or learn, then never learn lor. I really had enough. Our path is going to be different. It’s just getting pointless. I had enough of losing my pride, dignity and energy for all these.

I think i deserve a good break. Thank you for having me for the past 3 years. I learned and be stronger.

Till then,



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