# . . .

Have not been sleeping well. I am tired. I don’t know what to do.

Somehow excited yet feeling down.I have come so far, do I really have to give up? This question I have been ponder for a long long time. Customers are doing great, showing great support towards me and my service. I consider that as a little achievement I supposed. Life just don’t permit.

I don’t know if I had made a right choice, deep down, I know it will be a relieve for Kk. Partly because of me, he gambled his career just to keep this team alive.  What I can say is, thank you and I appreciate.

I make good friends & contractors along the way. I won’t be naming it out here. Thank you guys for believing i’m an asset, showing warmth in the cold. At the very least, I am not a rotten apple.

Not this


But this.




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