# My Saturday ;

I’m feeling better today.

I need comedy movie! Watched Iron Ladies at PS earlier on. It was great! Laughing my ass over the storyline and lovely ladyboyss! After the movie, i witnessed something dammm disgusting! Cleaner used ultra dirty broom to sweep the cinema seats! Period! The broom is so damm dirty and he swept the chair? are u crazy? Probably that will be the last time i will visit you GV- Plaza sing. Gosh.

Late dinner over at teddy&me ;
Limited food choices, a better place for dessert over dinner. We ordered chicken pie, mac&cheese, banana tango, latte and Rainbow crepe cake. Food was average, ambience superb!




Till Next post,

PS: Actually im a very kind person eh. I still don’t understand why ppl just tend to harm me “directly/indirectly”. Okay, Self praise seems disgusting. But honestly, i don’t or plan any bad intention on ppl. Just don’t come and provoke me please. Sometimes i just don’t understand why team member have to back-stab their own team. What do they gain by bad-mouth? What do they gain by showing off and exaggerate the issue? Blame me for being silly at times. Taking good care and working hard is no use. 我没有做东西我是不会承认或道歉的。你长大吧!

Lets just practice kindness.


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