# Visit to Haha Thai ;

I love thai food! Lover of tom yum goong, Fried crab meat with glass noodle! Missing T&K seafood now. Drooool! Hard to find authentic thai food in singapore now. Hmm So far only Nakthon Kitchen & Sakon thai are the passable one.

Wanted to bring Cs out for some good thai food after his exams but turn out to much disappointment :/ Environment was comfortable & nice. Welcome tea, tom yum soup (clear), still nice to this extend. But when i saw and taste the food, its no longer that great haha!  Portion small, it doesn’t taste authentic, the tom yum taste like laksa, floss can eat at any zi char stall 😦 

Egg floss ; 3 flavor rice ; Tom yum glass noodle ;  Pandan chicken ; red velvet with icecream and 2 thai milk tea. Price for 2 around $74 ; Guess it will be my 1st and last visit! Still searching for the best thai in singapore 😉





Till next post ;


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