# Hello July Applepie!

Been sometime since i last blogged. Was busy and very busy. Till date, feeling fatigue and still aimless.

Life was slightly better than stucking in that shit well. This lovely place gave me a new start meeting good and comfortable people. Shes none other than Chinwoon. Thank you for being so nice and helpful all these while. Wishing you the best for future endeavours.


And of cos, for what i have/am today. I have to thank someone for giving me freedom, space and trust to excel. You gave up too much and i will work doubly hard. Sometimes, i’m really tired of being so backend and dead. Sometimes i enjoyed the stress and challenge given by customers. Kind of contradicting thou. I became super temperament and sensitive. Also trying hard to control my reaction to stuffs that wasn’t pleasant and i know not every stuff will goes my way. I just have to pretend strong and smile it tru to hide my unhappiness. Still finding my path back to the old xy. I used to work 6-7days a week and still feeling satisfying & fulfilling. Working FT and PT tutoring was tiring yet fun. It was an awesome #throwback. I could not take as much stress and commitment as before, i have to give up tuition. I used to have goals 但理想和我太遥远。繁忙的生活让人喘不过气。

Being customer orientated, I really cant stand irresponsible behavior. #justranting

My hobby is to do trading. I love doing trading sales and i need someone who really can motivate me to carry on and inline with my goal and finishing line. A dutiful and responsible soldier to assist. 再厉害的战术也要有不屈不绕的战士。I’m planning and hoping it will be in the market (One day soon).

A strong character and was too strong.I knew i have to change this gradually n more good things will come to me. 迷路的小羊而也成为带罪的羔羊。I tell myself Lugi (Having loss) abit is okay, i know i will be a winner one day.

I have more worries and troubles than anyone. Yet still finding my way and be myself back ……

Till then ……

PS: Pardon all grammar and broken sentences man. i’m really sleepy now lol. Time checked 143am. Ciaos!


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