# Push & Pull ;

Motivation factor often comes with abundance of positive energy & people. These people brings strength and unity to make the energy ball grow and affects the surrounding with positive ion. But sad to say, this positive ion does not exist here. 1st, I couldn’t stand these kind of faggot that doesn’t admit their wrong. Being petty is one issue and in addition being too naive and ignorant. 2nd, I can’t be bothered with this kind of ppl anymore. You can’t bring the positive energy to me yet pulling me down. Lesson learned, fly with the eagles not the chicken. I bet this is the best description. Probably it’s just profound here. I had been reflecting where/when/how/what has gone wrong… But what I realized was my attitude changes from bad to worse along the years, becoming super self-centered and stubborn. Yoga taught us center mind and concentration. I had lost all the concentration in the woods and I need to find them back. Give me a direction …



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