# Bee saturday ;

Pretty pack saturday spend with ky and love ; Beauty in the pot over at OneKM mall. Everything was good but not the time limit.Somehow or rather, i really hate those time limit given to dine. People pay that particular price to enjoy the food and ambience. If you think people are taking up your space, how about making or renovating your restaurant to accomodate more customers that patron your good food?

Photos Summary ;




Chillax @ Carol mel cafe located at taiseng ; Simple and sumptuous.



Wasn’t feeling good probably monday is coming. I used to look forward but now i don’t. I am still myself & that independent enough to carry on with my life. No matter how bad the storm is, we still have to row that sampan . . . Sigh.

P/S: Woman, If you are not confident about yourself, don’t make it seems like the whole world had failed you!


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