# Lesson from celebrity boss ;

The only variety show that i can stick my eyes on the tv than my phone. Amazing and awesome variety show.

* 有些事,你没有做。 你永远都做不到。
* Give is better than you take.
* Look for passion & do it & nv give up.
* Start small, look ahead.

This episode, celebrity boss was Irene Ang. I’m greatly touched by her real life story and inspired by the love & teaching of her ah ma. I learned alot from the show.

I have always been looking for opportunities to start a small business and doing trading sales that i like. But i can’t seems to find a focus and somehow stuck. As long as there’s believe, i know i can find a way out for myself. I need to find my focus and a passion that can last me. Build deep and look ahead. I know can do it! I really have to find a way out.

This is the link to watch the variety show. Wait for episode 2 🙂


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