# Re-wind Un-wind ;

I think its a unhealthy life. Often i wish . can pick up the courage and face it over again. Don need to be as tough as before u just need to hv it balanced and don let the slow pace slacken u down. I am depressed but i choose to ignore.

Only child is always independent and yet weird. Nobody know us best. We tend to be a little sensitive and attentive to others. I guess only me and jasmine will know. Just like childhood times, we play masak masak and roleplay being a customer and cashier. But this cust and cashier role are all acted by ourselves. Steady hor, play split since young liao haha. U know lah, only child got no one to play with except barbie doll. Got once when role play gets too serious, i ended up eating toilet paper ( & of cos i did spit it out ). I rmb at that moment, toilet paper was the 鱿鱼 i served my “customer” hahaha. Good throwback!

// Growing stronger
GE had given me a strong stepping stone to this harsh work force. Equipped me with many survival skills to handle tough situation at work. It had been great and bad at the same time. Been almost 3yrs plus since i left GE, journey had been rocky and tough. Everyone just trying hard to get their pot of gold and strive to survive. I am tired of striving hard. I am tired to excel.

I have to thank Cs for being part of me and he had been a great company and motivation to me these 7yrs. No matter rain or shine, hes always there for me. Throwback @ 2yrs ago i went to a&e myself & he took leave immediately to look & take care of me for many hours in the hosp. Always keeping a lookout of me whenever i faced big issue. Thank you for staying by my side ❤

Too tired to check for errors liao haha good 9!




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