# Food & Fun ;


Celebrating Jana’s bday on the eve of deepavali & awesome supper overr at Jalan Kayu ; Missing peter with us! Affordable KTV over at chinatown but don expect to have very latest songs on board haha.

Seoul Yummy with cs & jx last saturday 🙂 My fave ramen in the house! Saw many ppl posted their homemade army stew on instagram. Can’t wait to make my own stew soon! Woo ‘


The Amino Bar – Chocolatte and Oreo Protein Shake ; The Best drink after bodypump ; But hor i still couldnt get used to protein due to the bloated feeling.


Tsujiri Tea house ; The best discovery of the day. Loving the taste of matcha and red bean! 

Originally a tea house founded in Kyoto, this Japanese cafe specialises in Japanese green tea drinks and parfaits. Try and love it 🙂 mb should franchise one and do? MUAHAHA ♡♡



Looking at these food makes me so hungry now haha. Good9!


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