# 5th day of braces ;

I was like telling shin i won’t blog about it BUT i just want to complain hahahaha i had been complaining since day 1. Honestly i had very low tolerance of pain (Comes from the ulcer). The ulcer really last warning! Thanks for the wax & melon powder (Life Saving kit) haha.


Many was like asking me why u want to put braces when yr teeth are kind of straight?

WHY & don’t ask me any more haha○○
1) I want to look extremely confident and (MORE) beautiful on my wedding day ♡♡

2) No protruding bunny teeth

3) Food don’t get stuck due to extra space in between my natural tooth.

4) 痛苦一年。 美一辈子 ( Still mindsetting myself haha )

I was like wondering my tolerance of pain is sooo low! How to give birth in future leh?


May time flies! *Wink*


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