# 1.2 week after braces ;

lol whats with the 0.2 week? its just past 49 mins after 12am haha Ok lame. Braces was doing slightly better than the 1st few days. Mouth is getting used to the “foreign object” hahaha. On the day 6th, im able to chew and eat slightly better but i guess my food baby 始终不想离开我 hahah

Day1 being alien


Day 6 back to a human hahaha. I stil can’t smile properly. I can’t wait for the 1st appt & get a final countdown haha


#Fooood on favorite saturday night.
Managed to Chew xingchou meefen, thai tofu & awesome chocolate cake after dinner 🙂 Well spend Saturday ^




Till Next Post ;


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