#The performance series / Oasis Island



Say hello to waterway & safra as we ran pass the landmark 🙂 With painful ankle & hardworking sun, i completed my run hahaa. Glad to see my house doing fast & efficient. That makes me run doubly hard to get my Coney Island Medal. Managed to visit 2 of the punggol bridges that i wanted to go & so cs told me neh 我们顺便来这个桥 liao haha very 顺便. Wooo Safra is just 2.5km away from my house but if taking LRT will have to change to West line back from punggol station. Like a mafan can! I might as well cycle or walk over haha So people, stop saying punngol is a ulu place! You just yet to explore only 🙂 #PUNGGOL ALL THE WAY HAHAA.

Only ran pass the entrance, I wanna visit this place again! https://m.facebook.com/pages/Lorong-Halus-Wetlands/181771371871093



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