It takes a million courage to consider and REconsider again. Will this be the path i wanna goes on and is this the environment i wanna work with? Basic respect to every salesman & treat people like a human. Not everyone is dog in your eyes & definitely not because he’s good at carrying balls or buying favor at me. IS i believe people has their own thing to do & not just doing yours. Big fuck if you have big business upstairs & thinking becos that salesman got earn commission too & he shld just serve. U are taking people way too granted. Smoke infront of me and somemore in the office, nvm. U point finger at me as thou i had fucking wrong you. Pls. Who is the one that bring work home and sprout nonsense infront of the family? Don’t tell me bullshit that you didn’t! I’hv seen it with my own eyes.  So what if KR did bad mouth me at my back? This don’t even need to get started from your mouth. I don’t side the person but the fact. Is he a dog? or the fat dog you have considered. No sense of appreciation and respect, asshole! You claim we didn’t teach or guide right, ya we didn’t. Because all the while you have using your smart alec way to get things done, pretentious and awful! You claim i bad mouth and wrong your family right, ya i did & heaven (plus myself) got eyes to see! You claim i don’t admit my mistake right? Ya i didn’t cos i don’t make mistake like you & have nothing to admit. People often don’t appreciate your good but remember your bad. Just blame all on me, your best!


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