# Hualien Day 1 ; 

(I think) it was the 4th time to my favorite country and 1st time to visit Hualien (Like finally) haha. Its always becos of typhoon that we can’t travel over. It will be real dangerous travelling to Hualien as the driver will drive tru the mountain route & if you are lucky enough your vehicles can kana small rocks falling down hahah (Quote from one of the hualian cab driver) 

Holland Windmill Ming Su (荷兰堡) – Virgin experience staying in Ming su & the room was surprisingly clean & neat! Holland Rabbit & Homemade Breakfast was the main attractive point of the Mingsu.

Beautiful & neat Kitchen ;

The 小三 That accompanied us for Yummy breakfast ♡ 好喜欢这里!!

Before Checking in, we deposited our bag at the railway station.They are closed at 10pm. After the bag deposit, we cross over to the Orange building to purchase our day trip ticket to Taroko National Park 🙂 The sun was working too hard that day. We managed to complete the trail walk & combing most of the attractions. It was really great to hike but with the wrong shoe! hahaha Walking 3km was not a joke ( with slipper ) but managed to spend great time enjoying the scenic & finding inner peace. Most importantly i have a great partner in crime that joke, disturb,talk, care & concern the whole of the day tour. 

^ My carebear goes Hualien hahah.


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