# Busy Week ; 

Was busy and very busy this July and incoming year. As i was sharing with Fong, giving my parents a comfortable life is my job. Even if its difficult, that shows i’m not working hard enough. The woes of an only child. No matter how tough life is, only child is forever alone. Thats why we are always emotional. I MUST have 2 kids in future hahaha (Cos its really tough to be strong)

After this taiwan trip, i’m letting go most of my workload stress & sourcing back my smile. I remembered a conversation with sourabh. He mentioned and wished i’m always that happy, smiling & funny always (guess he was trying to say i di di xiao xiao ba) haha But this msg gave me a heads up. 讲真的, sometimes when im trying to be funny but i wasn’t really smiling and happy. all because i’m facing alot of shit ppl at work. Work is giving me alot of stress & i do give myself alot alot of stress too.Well, i’m learning to let go & find peace.

Finding back my smile, I guess i did it but hope idiots don’t spoil my mood. I reminded myself again and again i got to take it easy & be the “happier” me. Hope everyone will give me the moral support & deep down i really will appreciate. 

Will blog about my taiwan & a little bucket list checked when i have the time 🙂 Gonna be a fruitful year! Love it !


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