It had been a long time i had a proper breakfast at nambee & not willing to go work at this hour. I had tried my best and put in the best effort but people can’t seem to appreciate my help & backfire me instead. For instance, it is the salesman’s job to find out accident claims & details, after fact finding & request for quotation. This is the basic knowledge a sales person should have. But when bad things happened, salesman will start to point finger at you saying its YOUR job to find out. Fuck you, i don’t take your mother pay. Don’t expect me to check your family genes for you & bypass me again and again.No sense of respect & belonging. 

Secondly, i was named the most not neutral & take things personal. Yeah he was right, i can’t help but been planning to remove that asshole all day and night. I am the most scheming person in the office, most difficult to work with, the most unhelpful & unfriendly person in this whole universe. 

So don’t mess with me. 


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