Even after the talk the confession (of work) & etc. My heart still cannot forgive these people that treated my good effort as dog shit. If i’m that evil, i would have opt for that dog to leave given the choices K gave me. 人家对我不好,不代表我需要走他的后臣。我很Kind hor. I think so too. Just that people don’t know how to treasure me. I will wait and see whats the “freedom”, “changes”, “travelling” gonna appear in my life in 2017 that K had “calculated” for me with the skills he learnt from the fortune reading seminar. 

心寒就是心寒。 再多的言语,我看在眼里。

Had a great night at changi strolling with pokemon (s) & dinner at supper club ♡ Shall do it more often 🙂


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