# Busy PH ; 

Well spent my PH with cousins, family & cs 🙂 Prima tower trip was disappointing due to reservation issue & so we visited Hong Xin (Red star) Dim sum. My virgin visit & the food was Okay but not fantastic. I like the nostalgic atmosphere & aunty pushing the trays around like HK style. 

Hong Xin (Red star) Dim Sum restaurant @ Chin Swee Road Lvl 7 .I think their char siew soh not bad. A must to try!

Craving satisfied but not the best. Preferred sengkee Zhu jiao chu more. Dunno why i had been craving for this all the time. The weird thing is i don’t eat & like this dish in the past. But now haha my top favourite! 

Bingki with cousins aft Hongxin 🙂 My 1st try of Bingsu & just not my type of 冰haha. Thanks to Cs’s lure and awesome places in Tanjong Pagar. I managed to catch my 2nd or 3rd slowbro! hahah. See so cute ! Time to slp & war starts tomorrow. *tuesday blue* 

The fruitty Bingsu 🙂 好看,还好吃。。


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