# TGIS ; 

Whenever im having slight mood swing, I will play around with the Taro App & surprisingly this taro seems to be a little accurate. 

Strength / Knowledge

Art Science Museum & Pompompurin Cafe with 老妖 Fong 😉 The lights and interactions were so fascinating & amazing. Pretty amazed by the drawings that we colored and it will appear on the big screen. Mesmerising childhood moments where we can draw using crayons. Beautiful art background with soft music soothe one’s mind. 
Every year we never failed to celebrate each other birthday but as we aged we gets lazier & so our program is getting more and more simple hahaha. But hope its enjoying enough. Happy Bday in advance. Most importantly, 自己和家人身体健康, 工作顺利。

Our coloring will be featured on the 3D big screen after scanned.

Pompompurin Cafe – 来一次就够了。 Hahaha we both met enough siao lang (siao lang limt hit max) 

° Limited choices of food & drinks. 

° Ambience of the restaurant supersede the quality of the food.


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