Time Checked 713pm – Still in office waiting for cs while i’m surfing net and talking nonsense with ah hui. Throwback are always simpler. Happiest time are in container C. Though we always complained about nasty admin but its the time when we can really laugh and he he ha ha from the bottom of our heart. Time, people and environment changed.

I cannot forget how the father dog can hire the small dog to do things and as if nothing happened. I cannot forget how the small dog had betrayed all of our trust, backstab, making me nearly lose my rice bowl and have to smile or be friendly to him. Oh sorry leh. I’m not so fake like the father dog can be so forgiving. Sorry that i couldnt smile or even say hi to you.

Secondly i cannot stand people that break my trust and break their words. This is really too much. In addition, have to stand humiliation by nonsensical people. My utmost limit is you don humiliate me. Asshole! Having more than 700k premium is not your effort and it’s mine! I Fight for it and pulling the crowd together. But sadly it was not appreciated. I believed what goes around comes around. You can have the world but you lose your army and the trust from people. What i’hv built is no longer important.


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