My Weekend starts early. Gonna be a pack friday but hopefully its a fruitful one. Whole day at work was a disaster. I couldn’t concentrate & what really motivates me the most was the spirit from customers. I do feel very very bad (to my customers) that i couldn’t perform well this whole week. 可是我真的真的累了。我一直可以很潇洒 因为负担所以坚持了很久, 这个久 已经在来临的2月就要5年了。也太久了吧。相信是一个赌注。相信可以反悔 可以不算数。 但相信一个人对我来说 真的很不简单。我很少很少很相信人。可是 我错了, 人是会变得。为了保护自己而伤害别人至尊,工作。 Really damm ridiculous. Don’t repay my kindness by backfiring me. I really hope for the better and the best for myself, my family and future family. 

I have plannings for next year but were all destroyed. Life sucks.


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