Emo day. I was submerged into a scene at mediacork. Actress came in office like a boss kind telling people here there about renovation. & then, steph took her bag & off she go. (She couldnt act normally after being malign & humiliate) 

Steph went to find her bff and her office became her refugee camp. It was really dishearten and environment was so bad that no one could work properly. She realised that 2headed snake still blaming her yet he doesn’t know in depth on the humilating words. But she will not believe his words ever again & she repeat herself, we are just co-workers & stop the imagination and lies. Fug

你怕人破坏你, 但你就想尽办法撒谎掩盖你的屁股

I appreciate people who had PM me and giving me all encouragement and comfort. Thank you all.


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