It was the downest time of my life.Nobody understand the feeling of raising a baby to a kid and sending the kid off to orphanage. Open an agency was one of my dream, i fulfilled & i’m gratitude towards it. It wasn’t an easy path. The battle started the day i left A ; Suffered the worse, brave through the loneliness for one year & finally i have a shelter over my head. From a small profit of $700 plus till today more than $7K, From a few thousand premiums till $700K plus premiums wasnt easy at all. The effort and hardwork was my 最大的安慰. I see this career that i have built up as livelihood as everything. Though i was working in a bad and unhappy environment, customers are still giving me the greatest satisfaction & secure. They kept me going without counting days.

Today, I choose to give up & avoid because i know i couldnt accept whats ahead. Am i being foolish?  I don’t know. 

I have big dreams. I have burden. I have worries. I have more to come.

Thank you all for all the encouragement & advice. I hope everyone feel for me & i really need time to move.


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