What a suey and long black friday zzz

1st, i lost my ezlink (which means i can tap in and i couldnt tap out) Seriously, i dunno wheres the ezlink. I even check the seat & floor before i exit the cabin but hor i still couldnt find the card. 2nd, i lost my wallet but LUCKILY i dropped at TF. Thank god sarah found it for me. I had never been so careless in my life.

And then.

I’m Out for training over at insurer side & met this beautiful lady. Guess shes ard 30plus and her charisma certainly caught my attention. Wonder women holding 2 job ( 1 helping out family business doing Motor ins & her ultimate job was selling “heartstem” to doctor – which is a sales role. Very very interesting job & amazed by her “stories” about doctors and her scope. Abit zekah, its lk hoping to have people having more heart issue so the “sales of the stem” will be good. Anyway, theres positive and negative way of looking at it. Also Hope we can link up in future on motors! haha. Pretty agree with underwriter that not many agent are doing & holding GI licence & we should really make full use of it. I’m okay to open up to any choice that will benefit me and my future. Thank you insurer for the meal & my next “path”. Not sure how it goes till monday .

Selling my skills, knowledge, my diligence, my customer service to whoever wherever whichever place that can lead, give me space to grow, livelihood, a happy environment. Ley long ley long ah.

I just need a good rest & of cos a peaceful mind.



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