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1st half of my saturday was sooo bad after going to office. I am stil responsible of my task towards customer even in the event i’m having difficulties at work. Even if the environment failed me, i still will do my job well. I can’t believed those words coming from his mouth. But thanks, it was hurtful enough.

My 2nd half of my Saturday went well watching carebear show, retail therapy – xmas & Fireman action comedy over at New mediacorp. Thanks love for the arrangement & accompanied me for the whole day (:

Okay, i was super paiseh to go on stage alone to take photo with my big baobeis hahaha Anyway hor, im not alone being on stage. Theres 2 single guy right after me queueing to take photo with carebears individually hor! hahaa so meaning im not the only buey paiseh one. 

I have very short wishlist for 2017. Other than to perform well in 2017, i wish for happiness, good health & wealth. Gonna set my dreams aside and baby step planning. My fighting spirit will persist and prove you wrong ! 


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