The first post using the xmas gift cs bought for me. It was really a surprise and encouragement from him – even gift wrapper also very encouraging. Thank you for everything and standby me 24/7

This is the toughest time of my life but i’m really picking up myself each day. Any emotional songs i will just avoid. Anything about that place and company i will just siam the topic and avoid. Everything that will make me unhappy = Avoid. Yes, i need to move on and pick myself up. Not much people can understand how i feel and why am i taking it so hard. This is because this is the 1st career i ever put in all my 101% effort to run. This is the 1st career i start from scratch whereby i have no tools but just a hand and mouth. Of cos this is not just my sole individual work and of cos i’m not the one claiming all the credit. But i am proud of myself on the skills i have picked up in this tough process.  Along the way, i changed alot. Sigh.


Have not thought of 2017 resolution but hoping to start something soon. FIGHTING!



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