# 30 dec 2016

30 dec 2016 – A day to remember and a day to be stronger. I am that crazy someone that i need to get utterly disappointed, utterly sad, utterly breakdown – Reborn and get myself up again. This is a painful lesson for trusting people very much and backfire myself. But today, i did it. Probably this will be the last time we meet and discuss about work. I knew he will call me up again after dinner and i knew i won’t pick up his call again.

I might not know future, i might not know whats next, i might not know if i can continue my passion. But today, i know i have many supporters including my Ahyi. Yes, She suggested me to open a company but i am not ready for anything yet. This game i was beaten down badly and running business now might not be the right time. Not say i won’t but not at the current moment.

A forgiving today is a better tomorrow. I am yet to learn forgiving. Forgive me for whatever i have done and we move on gracefully.

Closure of 2016








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