# 11.o1.17

It was a good day

A good start.A good conversation with customer. A good partner that go all out to fulfill my dream. A good husband who gave me 101% support in everything i do. A good bunch of sisters being there for me whenever i need.

Today also the day i start to listen back to emo songs & no longer that emo. Today also the day my new colleagues shower me with concern knowing I hurt my wrist while shifting. I am picking myself up and hopefully the happy xy will be back soon. 下雨的声音很快过去。。

Whats next for whole 2017? BKK Trip Jan, Cs Bday & Taiwan March. Anniversary May, 2nd half of the year gonna busy with fittings & trial make up, food tasting, meeting up with photographer videographer, actual day planning with sistersss, house reno and collection of keys. Gonna be a fun and busy year! Save the date 23.12.17 (: #UhUhSiol


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