# Car vs Rain

Very Diu afternoon ; Just 15 mins ago after car wash and it rained. I was amazed with myself buying and getting over a sentence of my good sister had mentioned to me. 船到桥头自然直, 果然 glimpse of light appeared and of cos need further discussion. Though i might not know if its working out but hopefully these 2 贵人 can really help me built up the base, the SONA base. 有时 觉得自己真的很幼稚, 也觉得自己 神经大条。 真的要好好整理 一下。

Yesterday baking class was fun .Our 3rd baking lesson over at SSA Culinary ; Chef siti did a good job guiding us on the steps and the to do and don’ts ;  Hopefully i can make nice chocolate tart when 14711 is ready 🙂


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