# Eh Hello

Dear space. How are you? your owner me is freaking busy with dunno what but still breathing in this world. I faced the world toughest problem that i pick up my courage to tel my dad to choose for me. I rarely share my sorrows to my family cos i remembered shenile’s teaching, never bring your temper or workload home.

Someone was right in the sense that i always do things in a rash but i have never regretted any decision i had made till today. Yolo! No pain no gain. The risk taking i learned from both shenile and him. Planning is important & yet impromptu ideas kicks in more effectively. Thats what i see in them & they are sort of successful today. I am greedy but not to the extent to be like them. I still hope to strive for at least to achieve half of their successful lvl. My past experiences and passerby are pretty different for me to learn from. SHE is a profound & attentive leader, SHE prove to the whole company shes the toughest & an agency everyone shall look upon to. Im proud to be once in her team. HE’s agressive with impromptu ideas yet forgetful leader. HE makes the whole world hated him, a solo leader but successful to make every cents worth. Im grateful. 

2 different background, 2 different style, 2 different method of building a business. Sona will learn from both & create its own business style – It shall operate in small scale yet strong fighting skill. The team will and must have a common vision to win this long marathon. Thank you sisters for assisting me in the backend work, Marketing responses  replies, setting up of facebook page, brainstorming together & good to say that Sona had been doing well for the past 2.5 months. I really appreciate all the effort my peers had been supporting me and my new born baby these while. 

I might not know how to adjust my life now. But hoping to solve the issues i faced and brave through gracefully. 振作起来!


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