# Go go go! 

Go Go power ranger! Watched power rangers over at GV gold for the 1st time & was a good experience but not good for the price haha. Reminds me of the time in Australia where we watched movie in sucha comfortable & awesome ambience. 可惜, i fall asleep during the most exciting part when power ranger fight with the Rita (坏人)。 Really 他妈的。 Haha 我既然 睡着了。#ijustdonunderstandwhy haha

Dinner to end my Saturday night while cs wil be heading to sundown race with BA peeps haha Still prefer 2timesu & carnival run haha Probably will join Pocari in the next race haha. 我看 衣服 and meaning of the race then join one ahha (: Looking forward to this Sunday race! 


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