# Time to pen down ;

Finally i have spare time to pen(type) down in this space. Monday was fulfilling, morning meeting with insurer afternoon went over Joon koon with siang to close one 14ft, evening time meet up with sasa & the girls for dinner. I really make full use of my every spare time regardless of picking up calls, settling email, settling customer enquiries. Not say it was very fantastic but do-able. 

Many suey things happened after the fall and makes me ponder alot. I’m thinking am i up for this? I’m thinking am i really worth the customer trust? I’m thinking if this can solve my insecure? I hate the people that betrayed my trust. My ear is light, i tend to listen alot but people just tend to fail me like everytime. Seriously, is everytime. I am devastated to face this each and every time. I am sick of this industry and the ugly people. But is also this industry that gaves me confident. Things changed and i’m not looking back. 

I just wish to be happy.


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