# Fun Saturday ;

The 1st item to secure for my sweet home sweet (; Tadah! But this ☝ is Queen, we order the King size cos i wanna be a KING & we requested for storage below too whooo.  The super cozy bamboo made-bed from sleepy night – Posh mattress boutique. Start missing the bed liao ♡♡♡♡ Can’t wait to lie onto you again`

2nd item our Roman Clothing rack & 3rd Android TV box ( Like what a shiok to get things done up one by one ) The parking fee is very fun too over at expo haha. like tmd de expensive but no doubt la we park lk 5hrs, just wanna complain hahah. 

Thank you my home international & digital fair for all the free gift and stuffs! (:

Time for a good sleep gooood9!


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