# 5 months ; 

For the past 5 months, i really been hard and harsh on myself. I thought i am doing what i like but its no longer the same. I dunno what i am doing anymore. Many of them were thinking why am i getting affected by rubbish. I am very soft hearted and emotional. I can’t be a hater to someone once helped me in my life. I should remember the bad thing the person brought upon to me but i didnt. Countless time i faced shit, countless time i faced failure. I had enough of this industry and the fight. Where is the fighting spirit lxy? where is the motivation? what is supposed to be like? I dunno. Why am i doing this like all over again? i am not that talented like what H said. i am not good at loans, ins and selling. Just Pure luck only for selling. Who says im good at loans? suck thing is the paper work. I had never like paper work. Culture shock to know this is hw they handle loans and not to my liking at all. coming to think about that i choose this is because of sona yet is just moving turtle steps. what shld i do? what am i supposed to do? 

I don need anything for now probably a door. 


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