# Taobao, Mobile legend

Sums up the whole Sunday. Today im repeating on how to keep your diamond and ring clean, it really works on any ring (: Thank you Meyson for the great guidance on how to maintain the brightness & cleanliness of a diamond. The dirt will usually get stuck at the edge of my heart shape. I tried to rinse it off using soap but its not going to shine. But note the following trick works

1st: Soak the diamond ring or normal ring in warm water. Do it overnight *U may want to add in some soap and rinse the next day or follow the steps here*

2nd: After Soaking the ring over night with just warm water. Get a baby brush to brush off the edges of the ring using a little of soap & rinse it off. 

3rd: Get a cloth and dry it OR u can use the hairdryer. It works the same way. Like this, Tadah! Shiny bo! 

No filter needed (: Goodnight! 


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