# Weekend ;

Weekend getting busier and busier. This conversation must blogged down lol. Brought my parents to Shabusai suntec for dinner and this conversation from me and cs was really hilarious! 

Me:….. i go and take soft serve ah (I went to take & return back to my seat then this aunty still talking aggressively to cs, i don wanna cut the conversation then i put down my soft serve & went to take ice water) 

Me: 刚才那个 aunty 你认识啊? 

Hubby: (In summary) 那个aunty要Kow我, 以为我刚刚做兵 可能要介绍 女兒给我认识。 The funniest part is the way he trying to explain hahaha! 

LAST WARNING! No skinhead again! If not next time people thought u my son! knn

Another joke thing is my pokemon account 

Me: 为什么你一直换我的人啊?!?! 为什么没有穿鞋??

Hubby: 土著嘛 土著没有穿鞋的。黑色跟你一样。

Really knn hahahaha tu zhu!! hahahah Gd9! 


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