# Weekend is here ;

Every now and then im activating *self comfort* mode ; Tried to relax my mind as much as i can. Facing the kids are so much better than the harsh 2faced slut of a person. I’m getting over of the scolding and etc~ I can’t pleased everyone and can’t be bothered by all the nonsense now. Cs been reminding me to focus on the bigger picture and i m also reminding myself every minute and seconds. Let me have a better July. 

The awesome Eiei whom always brighten up my day.  She could speak fluent chinese and every lesson she will just shoot me bluntly and make my day brighter. Today, she told me this.  ‘老师我知道为什么你喜欢拍照, 因为你在 照片里 比较白。I laugh super loud. #harshfact 

Till next post. 


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