# Busy is gooood ;

Self comfort mode. Busy is good (is very good of cos) Thank god the nightmare period is gone. During this hardship makes me realise who are really true towards me & who really can go up and down with me. 患难见真情。Its really tough for me to pick myself up. But today, i am officially okay and moving on happily and is really good feeling (: Deep down, i really really 感激 those few that helped me brave through all my hardship with me (What i mean is not by saying mainly action) 真心谢谢. 

Hello hello bintan! Loving beach places, love the 海风 love the peace. In love with the blue sea and my awesome hubby company (: Kayaking was fun and some activities were not as expensive as i thought. Though it was short but every moment was great! We had our BBQ simple buffet over at Grand Lagoi hotel. Everything was good except ants! hahaha Anyway bintan, I WILL BE BACK HAHA. Ciaos! 



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